Salida integral y democrática a la vida y a la crisis mundial- Inglés

Comprehensive and Democratic way out of Life and the World Crisis


The work presented is a complete model, with an accurate analysis of the internal and external reality of the human being. It knows all the history and the tendencies to be channelled. It knows the infinite aspirations of the human being and provides some methods to fulfil them. It is aware of the hindrances oppressing the person psychologically, sociologically and anthropologically speaking, and it provides the key to open the padlocks. WELCOME TO EVOLUTION.

Juan Antonio Aguilera Díaz

Prometheus unmasks the falsehood of the established democracy, the depravity of the factual powers, the dictatorship of the socio-political-economic triumvirate that has been enforced by the materialistic culture; the western religious alienating paradigm, the reductionist conception of work, the mistake(s) of capitalism, the Gordian knot of incoherence, the haughtiness of the European culture, the social perversion of money, the failure or betrayal of the intellectual people in general, and especially of psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists, the chronic adoption of bourgeois ways, the progressive’s abdication, the global blindness…

Juan Francisco Lerena

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