This book that we present to the public now, should had been written a long time ago, because its main goal is to clarify the most acute and profound problems that society has always tried to solve.

However, it’s not so bad that we present it in these times, in which life shows aspects and nuances like it did never before.

In essence, it’s all about a humanity that is already being adapted and prepared for a possible change and a deeper and more accurate assessment of its personal activity, and which requires a class of precision and significance different from the one that has prevailed so far, has to be definitely and truly informed about what we should or shouldn’t know to be able to evolve and progress in the right way.

This is a very special book. It will not only try to explain or glossary what can or should happen during the time of what we are going to call Age of Aquarius, but at the same time it will try to explain the how and why of everything that can happen to one person and to the society at any moment, in any time, at any age and especially in any event and circumstance.

It will be  elucidated in this book the true meaning of these four Greek words:
Bios: Life;
Logos: Intelligence;
Tecnos: Consciousness;
Gnosis: Wisdom.

Every human being must know and be well aware that life (every moment) is not only an authentic and wonderful miracle, but also a continuum of true Freedom, Responsibility, Joy and Happiness, when it is carried out as it should be.

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The Age of Aquarius - Text - 6 x 9